Thursday, September 22, 2011


[inside maybe the only church in Dhaka - supposedly the
PMs family showed up here the next day]

[This women insisted that I take her picture. Smiling isn't as common it seems.

[the new and improved view outside my window -
and Mom, to think that the Japanese Maple was a problem...]

[old view from outside my bedroom window]

[over pass down Airport Road]

[Many different brands of cereals - you can only
find corn flakes, and one kind of rice krispies]

[Bad pineapples]

[passing up bamboo, one level at a time]

[Bashing heads]

[my 10,000 other roommates disposing another late
roommate of mine - a cockroach]

It seems every day I'm finding new roommates. There are the few hundred thousand ants that live somewhere near the pantry that gather in matter of seconds with the first scent of food/sugar/dead cockroaches. It's actually amazing how fast they respond - I'm thinking of holding my own timed experiment. This picture above was taken within a few minutes after I killed the poor cockroach (a nightly affair).
There are also many unknown and unidentified bugs living in my bed. I wake up in the middle of each night with some new kind of bite, but can't find the culprit.
Not pictured above are my other roommates - giant spiders, geckos, and Ray (also from BC)

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